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Meet Pamela McGee

Momma McGee started out just like anyone. Pamela was born and raised on the streets of Flint Michigan, however she’s become one of the greatest athletes and exceptional leaders in the history of amateur and professional basketball. Showing talent from a young age she began by leading a 75-0 high school team, which would prove to be just the beginning in this prominent athlete’s career. Leading her team to back-to-back state championships she would embark on a series of victories that would take her on an amazing path of success.

Raising children is no simple task, even for an Olympic gold medalist, when your son is NBA Player JaVale McGee, things are likely to take a turn for the unexpected. Pamela’s relentless personality will certainly bring a snazzy spin to her reality series “Mom’s got Game”. The excitement never ends in the life of this accomplished WNBA champion.

Pamela is a true inspiration, she literally lives and breathes success in her own life. Having seen her share of adversity, Having seen her share of adversity, Pamela is a breast cancer survivor, single mother and divorcee. She spends her time juggling her burgeoning career while dealing with the craziness that comes with having her beloved son embarking on an NBA career. For Pamela no task is too big for this successful, single woman.

It’s no wonder Pamela McGee is a fantastic motivational speaker and spokesperson, as she undoubtedly has the experience to help others achieve success in their personal and professional lives.
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