Pamela McGee, aka Mama McGee; aka Emancipator Pamela McGee


Emancipator Pamela McGee is an ordained minister who has chosen to set herself apart from the traditional ministry model.   The Emancipator ministry is not about "Religion".  The Emancipation Repurpose Ministry is about a person's life.  Our lives should be a sermon.  It is not about traditional religious rituals.  It is about each individual living their life more abundantly and their anointed life exemplifies the ministry that God has called you to your own personal pulpit.   Each person is a minister in their home, their job, their community, their school, or their own personal village.  Each person or woman is responsible for her own personal tribe. 

The African Proverb says that it takes a village to raise a child, but "sick", "unhealthy", "emotionally toxic" tribes raise and create "emotionally toxic" families.  ER was created to repurpose, reclaim, rehabilitate, these tribes to create strong"er", emotionally healthi"er" families.  Every person has experienced their own cross, it is that cross that will allow you to minister to others.  The Emancipation Movement is all-inclusive.  We live our Christian journey and experience life from a resurrection perspective.  The traditional 12 step model continues to keep individuals stuck in the past.  Our 12 step model is that all things become new.  We are new creatures in Christ.  We believe we left our trauma or oppression in the grave.  Through Christ's resurrection, we are butterflies who have transformed our life into an abundant way of life as a "Promise-land" dweller.  The women's ministry is the conduit because women are the pillars of our communities and families.  Women become wives and are the mothers of men.   Women have always been and will remain the oasis and life-support of the family.  The spirit of women can change the world! The Emancipation Movement is a women's ministry that respects, loves, supports and encourage, men, but we trust women.  We are not men-bashers our ministry is to become better wives, girlfriends, mothers,  and raise powerful sons who respect Emancipated Women.

Emancipator Pamela McGee has been in the recovery ministry model for over 30 years.  Her best friend Ronald Brown, who is the Executive Director of the Odyssey Village in Flint, Michigan.  He would always invite her to speak to his residents.  The Odyssey Village is a human development agency who reunites women with their children who have been traumatized by drug addiction and the foster care system.  Ronald Brown would ask Emancipator Pamela McGee to minister to the residents, although she had no drug addiction history.  He would explain that the journey of an athlete was the same discipline for an addict to beat addiction.  Pamela McGee agreed.  She would speak to the residents at The Flint Odyssey House every summer, every vacation, and every time she would visit her mother in Flint, Michigan.  

After her mother had a severe stroke, she moved back to Flint to take care of her mother.  Ronald Brown then offered her a job as the Executive Marketing Director.  Emancipator Pamela McGee was so impressed with the agency she wrote many of the programs to help women reunite with their children.  She had no idea that she would suffer the same loss in the future when she lost custody of her own daughter.  She did not lose her daughter, due to CPS, child protective services, she lost her daughter to a legal custody battle with her ex-husband.  Yet, her pain was just as painful as the women who face the judicial and foster care system.  

That "cross" or that pain is where Emancipation Repurpose Ministry was birthed.  Pamela McGee realized that during her depression and the pain, there was nowhere to turn.  There wasn't an AA, NA, or either a ministry rehab center that dealt with her loss.  Thus ER, a state of emergency, was created.  She created Emancipation Repurpose Ministries to help individuals who have suffered a traumatic loss or event and wanted to heal.  She developed an actual program and systematic approach to rehabilitation and the repurposing process.  She used the same methodology that others use in addiction.  Her 12-step program is a real system that will change your life and is all inclusive to whoever wants to be EMANCIPATED.  Her program demands that individuals are free from drugs, alcohol, abuse, trauma, drama, poverty and debt.   Her underlining perspective is that most women only use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate to eliminate the pain of a previous traumatic event.  She also used the same methodology to beat Breast Cancer.  She is now on a mission to heal women from pain and give them a new lease on life to become Emancipated and set free.  Her EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION will change your life...DOWNLOAD YOURS TODAY!