• Emancipation starts with a decision.

  • Let your life be a sermon!

  • Choose to be Emancipated!

"If not you...then who...If not now...then when!"

Emancipation Repurpose Ministries is for "EEO's"

Emancipated Entrepreneurs Operating in all of God's Gifts


Emancipation Repurpose Ministries

Emancipation Repurpose Ministries is for individuals who have suffered a major traumatic event in their lives.  ER stands for a place of refuge, an oasis, a sisterhood to unite women to be victorious and not victims.  The ministry is based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, not the crucifixion.  Many times we put our trauma on life-support.  We remain on the cross instead of fighting for our resurrections and transformations in life.  (ER)  Emancipation Repurpose Ministry is a systematic program that works!  It will give you real-life choices and structures through meditations, devotionals, and 12-step meetings to revolutionize and evolve into the new creature and repurposed individual that God has called you to be.  Emancipators fight by "any means necessary" to declare through our own powerful, motivating, life-changing,  EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION. We have a support system in place to change and repurpose your life through a worldwide sisterhood.

Emancipators operate by a renewed code; A new awesome code, A new perspective, A new way of life.

It's important to have strong values and integrity to embrace this new way of life.  The movement will empower you to transform the way caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies. This new way of life and perspective is based on our powerful, motivating, life-changing, resolution...We want to bring your joy back.  GOD WANTS YOU TO BE...WEALTHIER, SMARTER, KINDER...THE TIME IS NOW!

Our EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION  wrote for EEO's as women, who choose to fly and emancipate themselves from drama, trauma, abuse, poverty, debt, and cultural oppression.  We as Emancipators declare our new freedoms and choose not to allow a job, a relationship, political systems, cultural oppressors, a church, or a doctrine control our destiny or keep us from flying.

We celebrate our awesomeness and Emancipation...Every day with daily meditations and 12-step meetings.

The 12-step process has always given access to only addicts who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction.  Where do individuals go when they are not addicts but just want to repurpose and rebuild after a death, a divorce, a miscarriage, an abusive relationship... a bankruptcy?