The Three Types Of Coaching

Financial Coaching

Get control of your finances and your credit resume. Emancipator Pamela McGee will help you get free from debt. Establish realistic financial goals while maximizing your disposable income. Learn how to manage your tax liability and save money like the “rich”. Understand each aspect of your financial life. You need a Financial Coach. Many people hire personal trainers, you also need to hire a Personal Financial Coach to reach your financial goals. Emancipator Pamela McGee takes the same approach from lifting weights to get a better body to maximizing your financial life to reach all of your financial dreams and goals.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Sometimes you need an outside mediator to help you get over the hump of pitfalls in life. A Spiritual Life coach helps you define and find your own personal GPS back to God. Through prayer, fasting, and emotional cleansing... Emancipator Pamela McGee can walk you through her 12 step program of personal serenity.

Basketball Coaching

Pamela McGee encourages and works with parents to establish realistic basketball goals along with “Plan B” goals when it comes to Basketball Scholarships and NBA hopefuls. Hall of Famer Pamela McGee serves as a Basketball Consultant to help guide parents through the process. She was a top recruit and she also has two children. One received the President Award at the University of Texas as one of the few African American Women graduate from the McComb School of Accounting. Both of her children are in the pros, in the NBA and the WNBA. Pamela McGee is one of the few women in Women’s Basketball that has won on “every” level.  Her Hall of Fame experience is priceless.